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Introduction of and Contributions Invited to Working Papers Column of CESG


China Economic Scholar Gateway (CESG),the website of Economic Research Journal, has been officially operated since October 25th, 2010. The successful building of this website should be attributed to the encouragement and support from numerous academic colleagues as well as the collaborative efforts of the faculty from editorial department of Economic Research Journal. We’re working at building an academic resource portal website for China’s economics with the incorporation of diverse nature guided by open mind and inclusive style. Now, we are ready to present you not only more than ten working-paper-centered channels which reflect high-end, specialized and international vision but also a special-established magazine back issues querying database of Economic Research Journal (other databases will be set up after subsequent suggestions from academia are taken into account).

The Working Papers Column of CESG is aiming at publishing the latest research achievements in economic circles at home and abroad, and simultaneously, providing a network platform for economists to discuss and exchange ideas of recent research productions. Therefore, we welcome academic colleagues to browse our column and contribute actively.

The Working Papers Column creates the following 12 categories at the moment:

1.        General Economics, Mathematical Economics, Economic History ( History of Economic Thinking), Methodology, Mathematics and Mathematical Methods

2.        Micro-economics, Industrial Organization(including Business Administration and Business Economics)

3.        Health, Education, Welfare, Labor and Population Economics

4.        Economic Development, Technical Progress and Growth

5.        Urban, Agricultural, Regional, Natural Resources, Environmental, Ecological Economics

6.        Macro-economics, Monetary Economics

7.        International Economics

8.        Public Economics

9.        Financial Economics

10.    Corporate Finance and Accounting

11.    Law and Economics

12.    Others


Articles published in Working Papers Column can only be read and commented after registering for the membership of CESG. And there exists two types of members: regular members and senior members. Senior members, as distinct from regular members, have the privilege to download column articles.


Contributors interested in Working Papers Column can send the electronic version of your papers (edited by Microsoft Office would be preferred) to the corresponding mailbox (like [email protected], [email protected],......and [email protected])



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