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The 2012 RCGEB Summer Workshop: Games & Economic Behavior
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The Research Center for Games and Economic Behavior (RCGEB) in Shandong University is a prestigious center in which management and operations follow international standards and the director and professors are responsible for system management. The Center was founded by Dr. Qin Chengzhong, who is the current Chairman and a National One Thousand Talents Plan senior professor.  The Center focuses on Shandong University's National Key Disciplines--industrial economics and "Project 985"--industrial economic theory and policy research base, and theoretical economics, practical economics which  are two first-level discipline doctoral academic research platforms and the Economics and Game Theory Laboratory which is on the verge of completion.  The Center recruits outstanding domestic and international talents in the fields of industrial economics, economic policy and game theory, targeting topics at the forefront of economic research, undertaking major research projects, regularly organizing international symposiums, and actively collaborating with internationally renowned universities as the Center aims to become an internationally acclaimed economic science research center.


The 2012 RCGEB Summer Workshop is the latest addition to a series of high-level international academic conference activities held by RCGEB. The 2011 RCGEB Workshop: Markets and Games was successfully held in Shandong University in November 2011, inviting more than ten experts from different countries and regions including Germany, the United States, France, and Japan to discuss their research and work. The 2012 RCGEB Summer Workshop: Games & Economic Behavior, which now has an open call for academic papers, will be held in Qingdao, China on June 23-24, 2012.  The seminar is jointly organized by the Research Center for Games and Economic Behavior, the Editorial Department of Economic Research journal, the Shandong University School of Economics, the Shandong University Institute of Industrial Economics, the Editorial Department of the Review of Industrial Economics, the Editorial Department of Shandong University Journal (Philosophy and Social Science), and School of Economics Ocean University of China.  Famous experts and scholars who have confirmed their attendance are as follows: Lloyd Shapley (University of California, Los Angeles, USA, academician of the U.S. Academy of Sciences), Herakles Polemarchakis (University of Warwick, UK), Nicholas Yannelis (The University of Iowa, University of Manchester, USA, Chief Editor of Economic Theory), Walter Trockel (University of Bielefeld, Germany, Executive Editor of Institute of Mathematical Economics at Bielefeld University, Managing Editor of Springer Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems), Anne Villamil (University of Illinois, USA, Executive Editor of Annals of Finance), Yin-Wong Cheung (Executive Director of the

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