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Research on China’s Market Economy Development
(Major Philosophy and Social Science Research Project Supported by the Ministry of Education)
Date:2012-04-11       From:Feng Ke, School of Economics of Pecking University

The research on China’s market economy development is a major philosophy and social science research project supported by the Ministry of Education, with Professor Liu Wei from Peking University as the chief expert. The team members also include Xu Xianchun, Sun Qixiang, Huang Guitian, Lin Shuanglin, Wang Yuesheng, Liu Yi, Li Shaorong, Cai Zhizhou, Su Jian and Zhang Hui. This project started in December, 2003 and was finished in December, 2008. During these five years, it went through very well and obtained abundant achievements. It published four4 monographs and 32 papers,  several of which have been published in Social Science in China, Economic Research Journal and Journal of Financial Research. As an excellent project finished, its final achievement was embodied in “To the Great People's Republic of China Sixtieth Anniversary” project, which is supported by the Ministry of Education. The work was published as the book Research on China’s Market Economy Development: Market-oriented Reform Process and Economic Growth and Structural Evolution by Economic Science Press in September, 2009.


Main contents and innovations of the project are as follows:


First, it does some comparative study on China's market-oriented process. After a comprehensive review of market economy and an evaluation of economic transition path in advanced market economic area, the research illustrates the features, contradictions and solution to the problems raised in transiting to market economy during the reform and opening-up process. Based on this, it suggests the characters of the institution evolution in China’s marketization process.


Second, it does integral and profound study on the gain and loss of market-oriented reform as well as study on the value judgment standard. Against the important debate about the gain and loss of market reform, the project clarifies the relevant fuzzy recognition, making a great contribution to judging the achievements of reform and opening up correctly.


Third, it does research on economy growth, the transition of objective regulation mechanism and its performance during China’s marketization process. Stage achievements made some differences on the

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